5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Feb 26, 2019

Do you know about the root canal? If yes, then you also know about the different opinions people have regarding the root canal treatment. If you research about it properly, then you would get to know that majority of the people’s opinions are nothing but myths. To know better about this treatment, you should contact 7 Dental or any other dental clinic near you. Following you will find a few common myths about root canal treatment-

Root canal treatment is painful

This process looks painful but it does not actually hurt. Root canal treatment helps you in avoiding pain by removing pulp. There are many factors which makes this process painless

  • Dentist numbs the area with the help of anesthesia and so you would not feel any pain at all
  • Talking about technology and equipments used, they have also gotten very advanced, over the past few years

Root canal procedure requires several visits to the dental clinic

Sometimes people link this process with a dental implant. Dental implant takes several visits (depending upon the complexity of the case) but this does not happen with the root canal:

  • This process is not complex, so it takes one to three visits at the most. It depends upon the condition of the root and the kind of procedure that the dentist needs to do
  • In fact, in many cases this process did not even take much time; one visit was sufficient for the patient

A root canal “kills” the tooth

The process is complicated and some equipments, like the drill, are used to clean the decayed area. This process does not kill your teeth but rather cleans the canal and makes it perfect again.

Root canal procedure is not very successful

This process has been successful many times. People don’t face many problems if they follow the proper instructions. This is unsuccessful only because of the following reasons

  • If you don’t stop smoking, then it creates a problem
  • You are not cleaning your teeth properly and using floss. Even this can create gum diseases or infections which fails the entire concept in the end
  • Root canal treatment causes illness

    You would not find any evidence regarding the concept of this procedure causing illness to the patient but you may find evidence to protect from the illness before-handedly.

    There are many other myths but you won’t face any problems because of that. All you need to do is contact 7 Dental and they will guide you with the proper procedure and the benefits of the same.

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