Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

At Seven Dental we are dedicated to providing the best dental care possible. For this reason, our Phoenix dental practice is equipped with advanced, state-of-the-art technology that allows us to provide safer, healthier and more effective diagnostics and care.

Panorex – A panorex is a newer dental imaging machine which is capable of taking a full, 360-degree image of your teeth, bones, head and even sinuses. With panorex, your dentist can identify issues an x-ray may miss.

Intraoral Camera – While many dentists are still using mirrors to see their patients mouths, Seven Dental uses intraoral cameras, an advanced diagnostic tool which allows your dentist to view your oral health right from a monitor. You can even view along with us and see exactly what we are talking about.

Electric Handpieces – For many years air-driven handpieces have been used to perform dental care. However, at Seven Dental we are proud to use electric handpieces, allowing for a quicker, more consistent treatment for our patients.

Rotary Endodontics – When it comes to root canal treatment, we utilize rotary endodontics which allows us to use a specialized electric handpiece, making the process easier and quicker overall.

Oral Cancer Screenings – Did you know early detection of early cancer greatly improves your survival rate? At Seven Dental we offer oral cancer screenings utilizing ultraviolet light which allows us to spot risk factors for oral cancer quicker, allowing treatment and recovery to begin.

Digital X-rays – Digital x-rays allow your dentist to take a closer look at your smile when performing diagnostic imaging. With digital x-rays, we use 80% less radiation than with traditional film which is healthier for our patients and the environment!

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