Brush Away Every Day: 3 Bad Habits To Break For Healthier Teeth

Brush Away Every Day: 3 Bad Habits To Break For Healthier Teeth

Aug 01, 2019

Brushing is one of the best ways to protect your teeth from bacteria and plaque as they are responsible for causing cavities and gum disease says the dentist in Phoenix. Brushing is almost a natural habit for us as we have been doing it since childhood. It can be difficult to break the bad habits while brushing, and even harder to acknowledge that you have any bad brushing habits.

Right from applying little or too much pressure, holding the brush at a wrong angle, and not brushing enough; we have been committing these mistakes unknowingly for years.

The Right Amount of Pressure

It’s important to know that applying too much pressure or too little pressure can be bad for your dental health. The idea behind brushing is to clean your teeth and get rid of bacteria and plaque. While too little pressure will not help in solving the purpose, applying too much pressure will lead to regressive brushing, causing damage to your dental enamel. In some cases, even your gums can bleed.

Brushing While You Do Other Things

Most people have the habit of multitasking while brushing. There’s a lot to be done in the morning and people start their day with brushing. You can see people fetching milk bottles, getting newspaper, doing laundry, or making tea/ coffee while brushing. Though the brush is in your mouth all this while, you hardly focus on brushing. Thus, it’s advisable to only brush your teeth for 2 minutes without any distraction. You must give it the attention it needs for clean teeth and fresh mouth.

The Right Amount of Time

Many people are in a hurry to reach the office, school or college and brush simply for the sake of it making two strokes in the left and two in the right. This will not give you desired results and bacteria and plaque will remain as it is in your mouth. You should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes with gentle strokes.

Brushing properly is the key to a healthy mouth.

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