Mouth Guards: An Essential Piece of Athletic Equipment for Boys and Girls

Mouth Guards: An Essential Piece of Athletic Equipment for Boys and Girls

Dec 16, 2018

It’s a new world when it comes to mouth guards. Gone are the days when they were only seen in use by football players and boxers. Now, they’re an essential element to every athlete’s gym bag whether you’re a boy, girl, young man or young woman since they should be worn in all contact sports where an athlete might take an accidental blow to the face. These sports include gymnastics, field and ice hockey, basketball, softball, and baseball to name a few.

Why a Mouth Guard is Important

Wearing a mouth guard can protect your mouth and teeth from any trauma that may cause bleeding or cuts to the gums. It’s a wise investment that will not only protect your teeth, but any dental work that may have already been done – including braces.
So, what are the main things you need to know about mouth guards? Keep reading to learn more.

There are Three Main Types of Mouth Guards

  • Custom mouth guards are by far the superior choice. They are individually designed in a dentist’s office by taking an impression of your teeth so they’re assured of protecting your mouth with the best possible fit opposed to one that came off the counter. They also provide the most comfort. For those two reasons alone, they are the number one choice for most athletes, regardless of gender.
  • Boil-and-bite mouth guards can be purchased over-the-counter at a drug store or sporting goods store. They are made of hard plastic in a pre-formed shape that can be softened by placing it in boiling water. The premise behind this option is that you can get a customized fit by biting down on the plastic while it is still warm. But there are still limitations due to the level the material can (and cannot be) softened.
  • Stock mouth guards are ready-to-wear, which means they offer zero customization. This also means they have a very poor fit which leaves the door wide open to possible damage from contact. Wearers of these over-the-counter devices also frequently complain of a difficulty in breathing, which can carry its own set of problems on the sports field.

Ready to Learn More?

Did you know that over five million teeth are knocked out each year, many of them due to sports-related accidents? At 7 Dental, we recommend our custom mouth guards for any of our patients who participates in athletic activities. Make an appointment today to learn more!

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