Pull Up the Facts on Pulling Teeth

Pull Up the Facts on Pulling Teeth

Jul 16, 2019

If your dentist advises you to extract teeth, then you can conclude that you are suffering from one of the biggest dental problems and it is necessary to remove your teeth as soon as possible. You might feel tensed extracting your teeth, but if you don’t extract teeth, then the problem can become more severe, and it can affect your overall health.

Four reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary

You may think that what worse can happen to your teeth that you need to extract your teeth. It is not just one reason there are several reasons which can affect your teeth following you will find four most important ones:

  • There is serious infection spread on your teeth and removing teeth is the last option to protect your oral health
  • Gum disease can be another reason because of which your teeth having started losing, and now there is no other option except to remove them
  • Teeth become overcrowded and to provide the space one of the teeth is needed to be removed
  • Wisdom tooth hurts your overall health condition, so you need to remove that

What to expect when your dentist is pulling teeth

If the dentist is experienced and well trained, then you will not feel any pain during the procedure because the dentist uses local anesthesia to numb the area. After numbing the area, the dentist extracts the teeth from the gap. After the complete extraction, dentist packs that area with the help of socket or with some material properly so it would not bleed and also heal fast.

What to do to speed your recovery?

This is a very frequent and most important question people ask the dentist. Following are some ways you can speed up your healing process:

  • Use an ice pack as much as possible but not more than 10 minutes because it helps to relieve that area and also reduce swelling
  • Dentist prescribe you some painkiller so you can handle the pain of a toothache
  • Make sure that you do not eat or rinse your mouth for six hours after the operation
  • Wash your mouth with the help of saltwater after 6 hours of treatment so you can protect your teeth from infections
  • You should make a diet plan for a few days and get it approved from your dentist, so you will not face any problems with eating and drinking

If you need a good dentist who has prior experience of such operation, then you can contact the 7 Dental and get the right treatment.

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