Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening in Phoenix, AZ

Do you have severely decayed or damaged teeth? Embarrassed by your gummy smile? At Seven Dental we offer crown lengthening in Phoenix for our patients interested in lengthening the crowns of their teeth.

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About Crown Lengthening

Did you know that decay can damage your teeth so badly it isn’t possible to properly place restorations? In the event this occurs, we are proud to offer crown lengthening, a routine surgical procedure which can help expose enough tooth structure to place a restoration such as a dental crown. Crown lengthening can even be successful for teeth that have been broken below the gum line.

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

When it comes to your smile, did you know that your teeth aren’t the only important part? Patients with gummy smiles know all too well how your gums can affect the appearance of your smile. We also provide cosmetic crown lengthening which can be used to expose more of your teeth, making your smile appear more balanced.

The crown lengthening procedure does not actually “lengthen” the tooth crown; it removes part of the gums in order to expose more tooth.

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