Root Canals

Endodontics in Phoenix, AZ

At Seven Dental, our ultimate goal is to preserve and maintain your smile. Endodontic treatment is often the last resort option for patients that are suffering from severe decay, damage or even infection and can help prevent a patient from having a tooth extraction and a partial smile.

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Root Canal Treatment

In the event that a tooth root/pulp becomes decayed, damaged or infected, a root canal in Phoenix may be the best option for saving your tooth. During the root canal, any infection and bacteria are removed from the tooth root, the root is completely sanitized, and finally, the tooth is sealed. We do recommend a dental crown following a root canal for additional protection and structural support.

Endo Microscope

When it comes to endodontic treatment, your dentist is working in a very limited space. With an endodontic microscope, your dentist has a magnified and illuminated view, allowing them to perform your endodontic treatment easier, quicker and more effectively.

Root Canal Retreatment

Although the ultimate goal of a root canal is to avoid any future complications, situations do arise where an affected tooth may need root canal retreatment. In the event this occurs, any dental work will be removed, and the affected tooth will be re-treated.

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