Tooth Extractions

Teeth Extractions in Phoenix, AZ

Do you have severely decayed, infected or damaged teeth? Think you may need a tooth removal? At Seven Dental we offer teeth extractions in Phoenix, AZ for our patients experiencing a variety of conditions and complications.

Simple Tooth Extractions

For teeth that have fully erupted, have no damage, decay or infection and are fully visible a simple tooth extraction in Phoenix may be the perfect option. Specialized tools are used to loosen and remove the tooth.

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Surgical Tooth Extractions

For teeth that are damaged, decayed or infected, not visible or not properly erupted, a surgical tooth extraction in Phoenix may be recommended. An incision will be made to fully remove the affected tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

For a few lucky people, wisdom teeth emerge naturally without any complications, however for most wisdom teeth can cause a variety of different issues. When wisdom teeth are not properly erupting, have become impacted or may cause future complications, we recommend wisdom teeth extractions in Phoenix. This can help prevent additional complications, reduce symptoms and improve overall oral health.

Extraction Site Preservation

When a tooth has been extracted or knocked out, it is important to restore the tooth. Once a tooth is missing, bone degeneration, demineralization and tooth shifting can begin, wreaking havoc on your smile. We can preserve the area and prevent future complications using dental implants, dental bridges or even a partial denture.

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