Time & Tips To Recover Frenectomy This Halloween

Time & Tips To Recover Frenectomy This Halloween

Oct 01, 2019

Not many of us know what a frenectomy is. It is a medical procedure, which helps correct the frenum. The small tissues, which connect our tongue to the base of the mouth, are known as frenum. For some, the frenum is too tight or too low – and that requires surgery.

Generally, the need for frenectomy is noticed early in an infant. For infants and newborns, if they are unable to latch onto breastfeeding properly, chances are the frenum is the problem. Additionally, a tight frenum may also cause dental issues moving forward.

For a child needing frenectomy, breastfeeding becomes a problem. This can also lead to weight loss in the infant due to incomplete nourishment. Moreover, it can also cause painful nursing for the mother. This is why frenectomy is essential.

While tongue-ties are generally noticed in toddlers and infants, even adults can have these. Sometimes, the condition goes unnoticed in kids and can grow up to be a problem. All it takes is a visit to the dentist to get the problem sorted.

Traditionally, the tongue-ties are removed surgically with a scalpel. However, with the advancement of technology, the process has become simpler. Today, laser therapy is used to get rid of the problems and is a part of sedation dentistry. At 7 Dental, we use the best and most modern dental equipment to help our patients with a flawless surgery.

After Care for Frenectomy

Any open wound in the mouth may cause infection if left untreated. This is why you should speak to your doctor about proper wound management and exercises.

If your child has undergone surgery, the aftercare may vary depending on the health. While it’s straightforward, you should keep in touch with the doctor and report any changes.

For adults, the aftercare requires some additional steps like stretching exercises so that the severed tissues don’t reconnect. On the day of surgery, do one stretch, if the patient is ready. For days after the surgery, performing the oral stretched three times a day for up to three weeks is recommended.

Another exercise that you can try is sucking activity. This works great with kids. However, make sure that your kid is relaxed. The best way to do this is to sing a song or play with him/her for a bit. Clean your finger, and slowly let your child suck on it. Then try removing it, while your child tries to pull it back in.

You can also put your finger inside the kid’s mouth, and check out the gum line and the palate. This will also help you to know if your child is having other dental issues or not. Once you have finished with the exercise, massage the cheeks of your baby. Putting one finger on the inside of the cheek while rubbing your thumb from the outside works better.

If your child experiences pain and is aged more than six months, you can use a small dose of over the counter medicines like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or even Arnica. Please make sure that your child is not allergic to them before using the medicine.

What is the Recovery Time for Laser Frenectomy?

Generally, laser frenectomy heals faster than traditional frenectomy. This means the patient can snap on a smile within a few days after the surgery. After the laser frenectomy, patients generally have better function and less pain.

Additionally, since there is no anesthesia involved, the recovery downtime is low. The laser technology itself helps in healing once the process is complete. However, you should speak to your doctor for special instructions or wound dressing you may need. If you use dentures, you also need to talk about its use.

Several days after the procedure, the wound may look white or yellow. This is a reasonable step in recovery. However, if you are breastfeeding an infant, you can also contact the doctor or your lactation expert for more details.

Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix

We at 7 Dentals, understand the importance of frenectomy and can help to remove the tongue tie. Our dentists use modern technology to perform surgery. Additionally, our team of technicians helps you with post-operative care and wound management. Contact us today for an all-round oral checkup.

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