What Is a Frenectomy

What Is a Frenectomy

Oct 22, 2018

Are you aware of individuals being ‘tongue tied’ or ‘lip tied’? This is a common problem that often occurs with younger patients. Our team at 7 Dental is eager to provide patients with the highest quality of care in order to provide them with healthy smiles that boost their confidence levels. If an individual suffers from one of these issues, then other problems may occur in the future and it can lead to further complications. Our experienced staff can provide high quality frenectomies that focus on fixing the root of the problem. What is a frenectomy and when is it needed? Continue reading on to learn more about frenectomies and how they benefit many individuals!

Why do Tongue and Lip Ties Occur?

When the thin tissue in the mouth, known as the frenum, is overgrown, a lip or tongue will occur. The two kinds of frenums in the mouth are the lip and tongue frenum. A lip frena will connect the inside of the upper and lower lips to the gum tissue, while a tongue frenum holds the bottom part of the tongue in place. The frenum will limit movement in order to prevent tissue damage. However, if the frenum is excessive it can add more harm.

What Problems Can Arise As The Result Of A Tongue-Tie?

A tongue-tie can cause several issues, including the following:

  • Difficulty nursing
  • Speech impediments
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Periodontal issues
  • Bite misalignment

What Issues Can A Lip-Tie Cause?

Similar to a tongue, and lip-tie can lead to several different issues, including the following:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Hard time nursing
  • Receding gums issues
  • Misaligned teeth or gapped teeth

A Frenectomy Helps Alleviate Tongue- and Lip-Ties

An effective solution for both tongue and lip ties is known as a frenectomy. This procedures simply involves removing the excess tissue on the frenum. Our trained and experienced staff would be happy to provide you with a consultation to see if your child could benefit from a frenectomy. Contact our dental office today to set up an appointment or for more information regarding the services we offer.

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