What You Should Expect During a Periodontics Treatment

What You Should Expect During a Periodontics Treatment

Sep 01, 2020

Maintaining healthy gums is vital for your overall wellness, and if you have underlying gum disease, you need to seek urgent treatment. Periodontics repairs receding gums and mouth tissues, minimizing the risk of tooth loss.

Once you take care of your teeth and gums, the likelihood of developing oral cancer, diabetes, and other complications is minimal. Periodontal infections lead to inflammation and bleeding of your gums, and if it goes untreated, you may experience tooth loss or dental instability.

Our dentist in Phoenix may recommend you undergo emergency treatment to avoid the development of severe conditions, including arthritis, cancer, and heart-related issues.

What Periodontics Entails

Periodontics refers to a dentistry specialty that deals with inflammatory infections, which affect your gums and your teeth supporting structure. Your specialist diagnoses and finds an ideal treatment plan to prevent periodontal disease.

You can undergo the placement of teeth implants or treatment of inflamed oral tissues. Periodontics also involves restorative treatment and cosmetic periodontal techniques to restore your aesthetics and teeth functionalities.

Periodontics in Phoenix, AZ, encompasses a broad spectrum that involves removing damaged tissues, scaling, root planing, and surface debridement. Periodontists in Phoenix treat mild gingivitis, periodontitis, and other conditions by using regenerative procedures. You can undergo a surgical procedure if your gum disease is advanced.

Why You Need to Visit Your Periodontist

Specific periodontal issues require a specialized periodontist. Oral hygiene is vital in the management of chronic health issues. Periodontal diagnosis and treatment require a trained specialist who will ratify a suitable therapy for your moderate or severe gum conditions.

Periodontal surgery helps restore your aesthetics and teeth functions through deep dental cleaning. It provides you with the following benefits:

  • Prevention of further gum damage
  • Strengthening of your teeth structure and gum tissues
  • Elimination of plaque that causes pain and decay
  • Ease in cleaning your teeth

What You Should Expect During Your Appointment

During your initial visit, your dental specialist will review your medical history and its medication. If you have underlying chronic issues like diabetes and heart-related, you will be under specialized periodontal care.

A thorough examination of your periodontal issue will be done, and ideal treatment options recommended. Periodontists in Phoenix use various treatment procedures, including:

  • Soft tissue grafting to fix receding gums and prevent bone loss attributed to periodontal infections
  • Non-surgical periodontal treatment at early stages of your gum infection to remove plaque or tartar depositions
  • Tooth regeneration surgery where your specialist folds your gum tissues back and removes bacteria in restoring your natural bone and gum tissues
  • Placement of dental implants to link your jaw bone with an artificial tooth and stimulate the growth of your tooth roots
  • Dental surgery to remove the affected gums and enhance your teeth aesthetics during the early stages of gingivitis disease
  • Scaling and root planing to clean your tooth-root surfaces, by removing plaque, bacterial toxins, and tartar

Your specialist will map out an ideal option for your treatment and ensure your gum tissues are preserved. Invasive and non-invasive procedures are vital in managing your receded gums and periodontal infections.

Periodontics in Phoenix, AZ

If you have an advanced gum infection or have a chronic dental ailment, our periodontists can quickly find a solution. Bleeding or irritating gums result from periodontal infections that affect your gum tissues leading to loosened teeth and bone loss. At 7 Dental, we provide you with comprehensive periodontics procedures to manage your gum diseases.

We utilize advanced technology to provide you with specialized and personalized treatment. Our dentist in Phoenix uses various options during your procedure based on the severity of your issues, and some approaches include:

  • Tissue Grafting to correct gummy smiles, preparation of your tissues for replacement of missing teeth, and managing your periodontal infections.
  • Periodontal Splinting to attach your teeth and provide a stable dental structure. Extensive periodontal disease causes loosening of your teeth, leading to eventual loss, and our experts ensure your tissues are protected.
  • Surgical procedures reduce your periodontal gum pockets and avoid teeth shifting. We ensure that your gums are adequately re-attached to your jaw bone, and stability is gained.
  • Scaling and Root planing to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar on our tissues, which irritates your tissues

With early diagnosis and treatment for periodontal infections, our experienced dental practitioners offer an ultimate solution for your gum tissues and teeth. Please visit our periodontics facility today, and find the ultimate care and management of your periodontal issues.

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