Why Tooth Extraction is not as Bad as You Think

Why Tooth Extraction is not as Bad as You Think

May 23, 2019

People have lots of myths regarding tooth extraction. They think this is a bad idea to extract teeth, but that is not the case. Teeth extraction can help you get rid of the problem. Still don’t believe it, let us understand in detail what a tooth extraction is?

As the name suggests, I am removing teeth from the series of teeth which have maximum damages. The dentist does not suggest it to those who have fewer damages. The dentist tries to cure the teeth if possible otherwise they remove it.

What are the types of extractions?

There are two ways teeth are removed

Normal Extraction: Anesthesia is used to numb the area, and the elevator is used to lose the teeth and at last remove the teeth.

Surgical Teeth Remove: When the infection is spread or broken but still the teeth is attached to the gums, the dentist removes the gum area and extracts the teeth.

When do you need a tooth extraction?

There are several reasons why one person removes the teeth such as teeth on unwanted place, wisdom teeth, infection in the teeth and so on.

Is it bad to have a tooth pulled?

No, it is not bad because it provides lots of benefits such as pain relief if you have tooth decay, chewing problem, stops spreading the infection further and so on.

How painful is having a tooth pulled?

Talking about the pain,a teeth pull out is not painful because that area becomes numb with the help of anesthesia but after the procedure, you might feel pain for a while.

How long does pain last after having your tooth pulled?

Mostly the extraction of the teeth is one or two-week process. In normal extraction, you might take 3 to 7 days, but in surgical it would take a few weeks.

What will you feel after having your tooth pulled?

After you have a tooth extraction you may feel pain or even swell for 24 hours but if you have symptoms like vomiting, bleeding, fever and so on, you need to call 7 Dental or a dentist near you.

What to expect after tooth extraction?

You need to take the guidance from the dentist what to eat, how to take care and so on.

What to do after tooth extraction?

You can perform several activities to control the pain and maximize the healing process such as take painkillers, eat slowly, use ice bag and so on.

What to eat after a tooth extraction?

Make sure that food should be soft like ice creams, soups, puddings and so on.

Hope you know all about tooth extraction and also solve the lots of confusion.

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